Laser Imaging Editor

A great tool to rasterize images with your laser machine. This application is focussed on small laser machines with low-power lasers like the m140 2 Watt diode, or lower.
It has a simple user interface, and great results. It's fully functional for 30 uses to try out, after that it will limit the saving and generation of the G-Code. It has been tested on the Shapeoko2 with laserink module, and arduino based CNC mills with laser add-on's.

Latest version:

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The full version is only $5 dollar (or €4.50). I have given away 10 free serials (sorry, all gone) for the first users. If you still want to recieve a key, please use the button below and I will send you one after payment:

Visit the forum (offline)

Use Paypal to buy the full version. I'll send you the key via the e-mail used in the transaction. You may use the software on 1 computer with the provided key.
Please add a 'note' to specify your (company) name for the key if needed.
This software is still a work in progress! There could be bugs, or missing features. Please let me know what you think!
Please E-mail me with feedback and questions or use the forum!

Changelog ( (app version nr is still, i'll fix this)
  • GRBL compatibility updated

  • Older changes:
  • Added gcode postfix field
  • Added zoom option to increase the image size without changing resolution
  • Fixed home mistake
  • Added max val in calibration
  • Fixed input bug
  • Improved jogging interface and settings
  • Added jogging control with arrow keys
  • Added more control buttons for speeds
  • Added general setting for jogging speed with arrow keys
  • Fixed a bug in the presets
  • Presets added
  • Calibration wizard added
  • Jogging controls added
  • Added info panel for output size (mm and inches)
  • Optimised memory usage and G-code file size with normal generation mode
  • Sanitized input
  • Fixed a bug producing g-code without an image
  • Interface updated, changed saving mechanic. Added 'laser off' selection.
  • Added full gray scale image optimalisation. You can now choose between optimized mode for pure black and white images, or gray scale.
  • fixed 'mm / px' indication

  • Older versions:
    01-17 download
    01-16-2015 download
    01-15-2015 download
    01-14-2015 download